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Edina Athletic Booster Board Members

The Mission of the Edina Athletic Booster Club is to enhance the athletic environment for all student athletes so that they may have a positive, rewarding, and fulfilling experience.

The Edina Athletic Booster Club is governed by a formal charter, has established by-laws, and members of the Board are elected to three-year terms. EABC committees work closely with the EHS Athletic Department and various community groups to achieve the EABC mission.

EABC Executive Committee
President - Jon Stechmann
Vice President - Dan Arom
Secretary - Marit Sprenger
Treasurer - Oliver Lerner
Past President - Jon Marker
EHS Activities Director - Troy Stein

Dan Arom, Chair
Mark Jessen
Nick Kennedy
Betsy Cavanagh
Chris Davis

Sean Broderick, Chair
Dan Hunt
Mary Kuehl
Pete McCarthy
Jon Stechman  
Ken Hanson, Co-Chair
Terry Ingram, Co-Chair
Steve Enck
Linda Enck
Wendy Glenna 
Hall of Fame Banquet
Zibby Nunn, Co-Chair
Maggie DeVoe, Co-Chair
Steve Bishop
Annie Bishop
Katie Kloos
Kerry Middleton
Jennifer Middleton
Mick Spence
Tom Crowley, Chair
Dan Hunt  
Scholar Athlete Banquet
Annie Bishop
Spirit Store
Starr Kouchoukos, Chair
Lisa Uihlein
Lisa Robinson
Cathy Kidd
Cynthia Mashaall

Major Expenditures
Jon Marker, Chair
Dan Arom
Jennifer Middleton
Kerry Middleton
Todd Miller
Todd Doroff

Annual Fundraiser Event
Kari Mawn, Chair
Patty Dronen